Volume 44 - Issue 1 - 87 - 93

Process Optimization for Endoglucanase Production by in Submerged Fermentation

Batık Kültür Fermentasyonunda Trichoderma Harzianum’dan Endoglukanaz Üretimi için En Uygun Süreçler

In this study, endoglucanase was produced from Trichoderma harzianum in submerged fermentation using sugarcane as a substrate. For enhanced enzyme production, various parameters were optimized by one factor at a time approach. Maximum enzyme yield was obtained with initial medium pH of 4.0, inoculum size of 2%, sugarcane bagasse concentration of 2% and incubation temperature of 30ºC for 72 h of fermentation period. Addition of tween-80 (0.2%) to the fermentation medium had significant impact on endoglucanase production. Further supplementation of glucose and NaNO3 as synthetic carbon and nitrogen source favoured enzyme pro- duction respectively. Results of this study are very helpful in large scale enzyme production. 

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