Volume 44 - Issue 1 - 107 - 113

Genetic Variation and Microevolution at Allozyme Loci in Eastern Mediterranean Populations of the Geometrid Moth Cyclophora Puppillaria (Lepidoptera) ​

Geometrid Bir Güve olan Cyclophora Puppilaria (Lepidoptera)’nın Doğu Akdeniz Popülasyonlarındaki Allozim Lokuslardaki Genetik Varyasyon ve Mikroevrim

Genetic variation at 7 allozyme loci were determined in 4 Meditarranean populations of the moth Cyclophora puppillaria. Polymorphism levels, and gene diversities as Hardy-Weinberg heterozygosities are mostly substantial for the loci except for those in one of the samples. Pairwise genetic distances between the samples are expressed as FST values, and a high degree of differentiation exists for almost all of the pairwise comparisons. A test of natural selection, Ewens-Watterson test of neutrality, shows no sign of selective difference among electrophoretic allelic states over loci in all samples. Our results presents the the first picture of population genetic variation in this species and in accordance with the result of a previous DNA barcoding analysis pointing to low level of genetic variation. 

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