Volume 44 - Issue 1 - 35 - 45

Effectiveness of Organic Acid Treatments for Inhibition and Removal of E. coli Biofilms ​

E. coli Biyofilmlerinin Önlenmesi ve Ortadan Kaldırılmasında Organik Asit Uygulamalarının Etkileri

This study was carried out to evaluate the efficacies of organic acid (citric, malic and gallic acids) treatments at 1% and 2% concentrations for prevention and removal of E. coli biofilms. Antibiofilm effects of organic acids were compared with chlorine (100 ppm and 200 ppm) on both microtitration plate and stainless steel coupons for 5, 10 and 20 min. Results indicated that citric acid treatments when compared to the chlorine tre- atments were effective for inhibition and removal of E. coli biofilms. On the other hand, gallic acid treatments were found to be more effective than malic acid treatments. On stainless steel surfaces, the inhibition and re- moval of biofilms were observed to be higher than those found on microtitration plates. Moreover, the inhibiti- on and removal ratios were calculated to be higher with increasing concentrations of sanitizers, on 24-h biofilm, on stainless steel coupons and with 20 min treatments. The results of this study indicates chlorine treatments could be replaced by organic acid treatments for inhibition and removal of biofilm formations of E. coli strains on different food contact surfaces. In addition, organic acid treatments are safe-to-use potential alternatives in industrial applications to chlorine treatments which is toxic to health and environment. 

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