Volume 43 - Issue 4 - 251 - 257

Determination of Total Phenolic Compounds, Antioxidant Activity and Ferulic Acid in Extracts of Sugar Beet Pulp

Şeker Pancarı Küspesi Özütünde Toplam Fenolik Bileşikler, Antioksidant Aktivite ve Ferulik Asit Tayini

In the resent research, two extracts (methanol and NaOH (0.5 molL-1)) were analyzed for the total phenolic contents (TPC), ferulic acid concentration and antioxidant activity. Results revealed that significant differences were found in TPC among different extracts and alkaline extracts contained higher amounts of polyphenols than methanolic extract. The ferulic acid concentration in the solvent and alkaline liquor varied according to extraction time and there were no significant differences between the ferulic acid concentration for all methanolic treatments. Antioxidant capacity for extracts were shown that the significant differences were found at a level of (p < 0.05) between all extracts and correlation coefficient (r2 = 0.82) showed that total phenolic content was responsible for antiradical efficiency in sugar beet pulp extracts. Our results strongly suggest sugar beet pulp extracts can be promising sources of potential antioxidants that can be used as additive in food industry. 

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