Volume 43 - Issue 4 - 259 - 265

Composition of the Volatile Oils of Anthemis coelopoda var. coelopoda from Turkey ​

Türkiye’den Anthemis coelopoda var. coelopoda’nın Uçucu Yağ Bileşimi

In this study, hydro distilled essential oils derived from the aerial parts of Anthemis coelopoda var. coelo- poda (Asteraceae) grown in Turkey were analysed by GC and GC-MS system. Fifty seven components were identified representing 90.7% of the oils. It was determined that Anthemis coelopoda var. coelopoda essential oil contained b-caryophyllene (21.8%), nerolidol (10.8%), azulene (9.5%), borneol (5.5%), linalool (4.3%) and cyclopentadecane (4.2%) as major compounds. Essential oil analysis of the Anthemis coelopoda var. coelopoda has shown that it has b-caryophyllene/nerolidol and azulene chemotype. 

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