Volume 43 - Issue 4 - 267 - 271

Breeding Performance of the Red-Backed Shrikes (Lanius collurio) in a Riparian Habitat ​

Kızılsırtlı Örümcekkuşunun (Lanius collurio) Bir Riperyan Habitattaki Üreme Performansı

We investigated the breeding performance and nest site properties of the red-backed shrikes in a small population in Nallihan Bird Sanctuary in Turkey. We carried out the field studies during the 2006 and 2007 breeding seasons. We monitored 12 nests of 7 breeding pairs in the 2007 breeding season. Most of the territories were near the Aladag Stream-Riparian Habitat. The distance between the nests were 110 ± 20 m. The red-backed shrikes built their nests in the thorny bushes at the average height of 80 ± 32.5 cm above the ground. Only one pair could raise fledglings within the monitored pairs. Four Nests were predated during the incubation and four nests were predated during nestling stage in the 2007 breeding season. Yet, the previous year we had detected at least one fledgling within 6 of the 8 territories. We estimated that this small popula- tion had suffered from high nest predation at the Nallihan Bird Sanctuary after a successful breeding season. Long-term studies are required to obtain more detailed information about the populations of the red-backed shrikes in Turkey. 

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