Volume 43 - Issue 3 - 153 - 157

Determination of Volatile Composition of Ozone Treated Arils From Longterm-Stored Whole Pomegranate Fruits Using HS- SPME GC/MS Technique

Uzun Süre Depolanmış Nar Meyvelerinde Ozon Uygulamasının Nar Taneleri Uçucu Aroma Bileşiklerine Etkisinin HS-SPME GC/ MS Tekniği İle Belirlenmesi

Long-term stored whole ‘Hicaznar’ pomegranate fruit arils were exposured to 0 mg/h/m3, 5.2 mg/h/m3, 10.4 mg/h/m3 ozontreatmentandthenminimallyprocessedpomegranatearilsstoredduring12days.Effectsof ozone treatment to ‘Hicaznar’ pomegranate arils fruits volatile composition was analyzed by using HS-SPME/ GC/MS techniques. Ozone treated fruits showed stress volatiles such as ethanol. However acetaldehyde, acetic acid volatiles which are occured ripe fruits lower in 5.2 mg/h/m3 ozone treated pomegrante arils compared others concentrations. The identificated of arils most abundant compounds were terpenes, aldehydes, acids, alcohols and esters respectively 

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