Volume 43 - Issue 1 - 1 - 8

Combined Experimental and Molecular Simulation Study on The Hydrogen Storage Properties of Cu(II) and Ni(II) Metal- Organic Compounds

Cu(II) Ve Ni(II) Metal-Organik Bileşiklerin Hidrojen Depolama Özellikleri Deneysel ve Moleküler Simulasyon Çalışmaları

For the purpose of investigating alternative adsorbents, new metal-organic compounds were synthesized, characterized and examined for their hydrogen storage capabilities. First, the compounds were synthesized and then the molecular structures of the compounds were determined experimentally by using thermal, FT-IR, solid-UV and powder-XRD analysis. Then, the crystal structures were solved using theoretical calculations. At last, the simulated maximum hydrogen storage capacities of the compounds were 3.62 and 0.64 wt. % at 77 K and 100 bars, while the numbers less than 0.1 wt. % for 1 bar and same temperature. In brief, crystal structu- res of inorganic compounds are determined with combined experimental and computational techniques, then, hydrogen storage abilities are investigated 

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