Volume 42 - Issue 3 - 421 - 427

Monumental Trees in Akçakoca (Düzce, Turkey): Utilities of Natural Resources for Ecotourism

Akçakoca (Düzce, Turkey)’nın Anıt Ağaçları: Ekoturizmde Doğal Kaynakların Kullanımı

Ecotourism is typically a modern form of tourism in which learning about nature and help to protect of natu- re. Natural resources have significance in nature-based attractions in ecotourism. The monumental trees are one of these natural resources. In this research, the monumental trees in Akçakoca (Düzce) district are de- termined. Their morphological features and status are recorded. The present monumental point is calculated. Also, probable interaction between ecotourism and natural resources based monumental trees in Akçakoca are discussed. 

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