Volume 42 - Issue 3 - 383 - 386

Karyotype and Presence of B-Chromosomes in Red Fox from Central Anatolia

Orta Anadolu’daki Kızıl Tilkinin Karyotipi ve B-Kromozomların Varlığı

Conventionally stained karyotype and Ag-NOR banded chromosomes of a male red fox (Vulpes vulpes L., 1758) from Kırıkkale province in Turkey were determined. The chromosome set included 16 biarmed auto- somal pairs with two dot- like B chromosomes (2n= 34 + 2B, NF=67, NFa=64). The X chromosome was a large metacentric and the Y was a small acrocentric, almost similar in size of the Bs. The Ag-NOR regions were found in the telomeric regions of the long arm of three medium-sized metacentric autosomes. 

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