Volume 42 - Issue 1 - 115 - 127

Removal of dissolved organic pollutants from water by gamma-irradiation based advanced oxidation processes (AOPs)

Çözünmüş organik kirleticilerin gama-ışınları temelli ileri oksidasyon yöntemleri (İOY) ile sudan uzaklaştırılması

Various organic compounds including textile dyes, pesticides and pharmaceutical compounds were detected in aquatic environment. A large number of studies were examined to remove these types of compounds from water. This paper includes the applications of radiation technology to decompose such organic compounds with various combinations such as ozone and H2O2. Changes in amounts of organic pollutants, their intermediates, toxicity, decoloration and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)-Biological Oxygen demand (BOD) with irradiation dose were followed. The results showed that gamma irradiation based water treatment technologies are effective for the water treatment even in drinking water. 

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