Volume 42 - Issue 1 - 99 - 104

Radiation induced synthesis of molecularly imprinted polymers

Moleküler baskılı polimerlerin radyasyonla başlatılan sentezi

Tunable properties fascinate scientists because of the opportunity to develop functional materials for stimuli- responsive, sensing and biomimetic applications. Over half a century ago, advances allowed the realisation of molecularly imprinted polymers.They enable to specifically target sugars, pesticides, herbicides, viruses, drugs and amino acid together with their derivatives.In fact, due to their simplicity, ability of building robust polymer networks, reusability and low costs, molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) still are of great interest both in academia and industry.They enable the use of lot of techniques for their implementation although our attention will be addressed to the ones realised via gamma-irradiation. 

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