Volume 42 - Issue 1 - Preface


Dear readers of the Hacettepe Journal of Biology and Chemistry, In honour of Prof.Dr. Olgun Güven

This volume of Hacettepe Journal of Biology and Chemistry is dedicated to Prof.Dr. Olgun Güven on the occasion of his retirement.

Prof. Dr. Güven’s work in the field of radiation chemistry started more than 40 years ago. He made important contributions and become worldwide known scientist with his brilliant ideas on how to apply radiation to control radical polymerization. He published more than 300 articles. He edited and wrote many books and book chapters in his research field. As a professor, he has been teaching polymer chemistry and technology more than thirty years. He has a remarkable ability to network arising from his very friendly, gentle, generous nature, a great interest in sharing ideas with people, and extremely robust memory for people and their work. Everyone who has visited Prof. Güven at office is greeted with a room filled with stacks of papers and books.

We wished to make this issue a lasting and memorable contribution to subject area. All those we invited to contribute this special issue responded warmly and enthusiastically. We believe this was because of his outstanding contribution to the field as well as his personality. All papers were subjected to critical review and only those papers that satisfactorily addressed all review comments included in this issue.

We would like to thank all the contributors, his former students and co-workers, and people who helped us to make this special issue a success. We wish Prof. Dr. Olgun Güven a very happy retirement and at the same time urge him to continue to contribute professionally to the fields of radiation and polymer chemistry. We feel he still has much to offer to our profession.

Adil Denizli, PhD


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