Volume 42 - Issue 1 - 9 - 21

Effects of polysaccharide structural parameters on radiation-induced degradation

Polisakkaritlerin yapısal parametrelerinin radyasyonla uyarılmış bozunmasına etkisi

Especially, in last decade considerable attention has recently been directed to the modification and prepa- ration of low-molecular weight-fractions or oligosaccharides of kappa carrageenan, sodium alginate [1-4] and Chitosan [5-10] by radiation induced degradation in dry, and various concentrations in aqueous solutions in order to use mainly in the plant growth promoter, plant protectors and tissue engineering applications.

Neither in these radiation induced degradation studies of NaAlg, nor in other studies on the preparation of oligosaccharides of sodium alginate, Chitosan, galactomannans as the plant growth promoter and plant pro- tectors [10-12] the effect of structural parameters of polysaccharide type natural polymers was considered by the authors. By the recent studies Şen et al., [13-15], this deficiency in the literature was filled and the effects of the structural parameters of some polysaccharide on the radiation-induced degradation are explained in details. All these recent studies are summarized in this review. 

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