Volume 41 - Issue 4 - 371 - 378

The Antiproliferative effects of subtituents in formazan derivatives aganist HeLa and C6 cell line

Formazan türevlerindeki sübstitüentlerin HeLa ve C6 hücrelerine karşı antiproliferatif etkileri

Antiproliferation activity of TPF and 1-substituted phenyl-3-(p-methoxycarbonyl)phenyl-5-phenylformazans were determined against HeLa an C6 cell line using BrdU cell proliferataion ELISA assay. Cisplatin and 5-florouracil were used as standarts. The activities of samples and standarts were investigated on eight concentations. The effects of substituents and substituents positions on antiproliferation activities were examined. Assay experiments indicated that o- OCH3, m-CH3 and p-I displayed maximum activity against HeLa while o- NO2, m-I and also p-I were active against C6. 

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