Volume 41 - Issue 4 - 317 - 320

A pathway to break seed dormancy of endemic Nigella turcica Dönmez & Mutlu (Ranunculaceae): GA3 and KNO3

Endemik Nigella turcica Dönmez & Mutlu (Ranunculaceae) taksonunun tohum dormansisini kırmada izlenen yol: GA3 ve KNO3

Nigella turcica Dönmez & Mutlu (Ranunculaceae) is a narrow endemic species and closest relative is N. sativa (black cumin) has an economic importance. In this study, optimum conditions of seed germination was searched for N. turcica. Germination did not occur during 45 days either 4 or 16°C. Potassium nitrate and giberellic asid (GA3) with 10 and 25 ppm concentrations were ineffective in embro growth. Optimal conditions to seed germination of N. turcica have been determined as 100 ppm concentrations of giberellic asid at 16°C. 

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