Volume 41 - Issue 3 - 179 - 185

Carboxymethyl Cellulase Production from Newly isolated Cellulomonas sp. in Submerged Fermentation

Yeni İzole Edilmiş Cellulomonas Sp.’den Batık Fermantasyonda Karboksimetil Selülaz Üretimi

The present study dealt with the production of cellulase from locally isolated cellulolytic bacterium Cellulomonas sp which was isolated from soil. Cellulase enzyme production was carried out in 250 mL Erlenmeyer flask using potato waste as a substrate in submerged fermentation. The strain produced maximum cellulase with initial medium pH of 7, inoculum size of 2% (v/v) and incubation temperature of 35ºC for 48 h of fermentation period. Supplementation of 2% corn steep liquor had a profound effect on titer of enzyme production. The isolated bacterium Cellulomonas sp. ASN2 can be used as potential producer of effective cellulase which would be beneficial in industrial applications. 

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