Volume 41 - Issue 2 - 125 - 132

Effects of a Sea Tide on The Biodiversity along Dikili Coastline, İzmir, Turkey

Dikili (İzmir, Türkiye) Sahillerinde Gözlenen Deniz Çekilmesinin Biyoçeşitlilik Üzerine Etkileri

This paper presents the effects of a sea tide on the marine biodiversity of Dikili coastline. A sea tide in winter season of 2012 was observed during sampling for a national project along Dikili coastline. In the sea tide area, many marine organisms were about to be decomposed or already decomposed indicating the sea tide was not an instant event. Since some of the affected species, such as Holothuria sp., has economic importance, collection of these species before their decomposition can contribute much to the local economy. 

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