Volume 40 - Issue 4 - 409 - 417

Gelatin/Oxide-Dextran Cryogels: In-Vitro Biocompatibility Evaluations

Jelatin/Okside Dekstran Kriyojeller: In-Vitro Biyouyumluluk Değerlendirilmesi

Engineering a tissue requires implantation of a suitable support/matrix material; seeded with appropriate cells and signaling molecules. Scaffolds which are the support material for the ex-vivo tissue formation, should have desired properties to form a biologically compatible constructs. In this recent study 3D polymeric gelatin/oxide dextran scaffolds were prepared by cryogelation. The cell-scaffold interactions were evaluated by Scanning Electron Microcopy and Confocal Laser Microscopy. Biocompatibility and haemocompatibility of the scaffolds and possible cytotoxicity were also investigated. Possible genotoxic effects of the scaffolds were evaluated with DNA fragmentation and breakage. Our results demonstrated that, gelatin/ox-dextran scaffolds which were prepared by cryogelation present no cytotoxicity and genotoxicity, show higher bio and haemocompatibility with excellent chondrocyte interaction. 

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