Volume 40 - Issue 4 - 377 - 383

Determination of Knowledge on the Academic Staff Concerning Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Akademik personellerin genetiği değiştirilmiş organizmalar (GDO) hakkındaki bilgi düzeylerinin belirlenmesi

This study aimed to determine the knowledge, attitude and behavior level of the academic staff at Bitlis Eren University (BEU) related to GMOs. The general information levels (GILs) were found not to be significant (p > 0.05), in terms of gender, age, department, education level and title, but found to be significant (p < 0.05) in terms of marital status. The GILs were changing between 19 and 36 and were 28.1±3.1 on average. According to these data, it can be said that academic staff have a medium of knowledge about GMOs. They have stated that GMOs are commonly used in agriculture fields (91.7%); they are mostly informed via TV/radio or the internet (34.0%); the most reliable resources are universities (69.9%); they want to be mostly informed about its benefits, risks (75.0%) and its place in Turkey (51.3%); they think they consumed GMOs (75.6%), they are not informed about labels (76.9%), they do not have enough information (60.9%) and that they want to be informed (92.9%) about the topic. The academic staff said that the effects of GMOs are too dangerous, they do not find the applications ethique, they wouldn’t consume GMOs and they were absolutely against to the import of GMOs. In conclusion, it has been revealed that more information is necessary about GMOs as they will be very important for the new generations. 

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