Volume 40 - Special Issue - 337 - 342

The Systematics of Free Living Heterotrophic Flagellates of Beytepe Pond

Beytepe Göleti’nde Serbest Yaşayan Heterotrof Flagellatların Sistematiği

In order to investigate the species composition of the heterotrophic flagellate communities in freshwater locations in Turkey, we carried out this pilot study at Beytepe Pond from May 2004 to May 2005. Water samples were taken from four stations determined according to ecological differences with sampling bottles. Species observed alive using a Leica DMR microscope equipped with a digital camera Leica DFC 280. As a result, 13 species were identified. Of this 13 species 9 identified to species level, 4 identified to genus level . Of the 13 species, 12 of them are new to Turkey freshwater algae, but with 1 species, having been reported from pyhtoplankton studies of Turkey Freshwaters. 

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