Volume 39 - Issue 3 - 305 - 313

Laccase Production with Submerged and Solid State Fermentation: Benefit and Cost Analysis

Batık ve Katı Faz Fermentasyonu ile Lakkaz Üretimi: Fayda ve Maliyet Analizi

The aim of this study is to investigate benefit and cost analysis of enzyme production with solid state and sub- merged fermentation techniques, biotechnological processes within production of value-added products. The approach of benefit and cost analysis is commonly used a way at deciding and investigating of the project.

This analysis was referred two methodologies on production of laccase, a significant enzyme at environmental biotechnology. According to the result of the comparison, benefit/cost ratio in laccase activity obtained with solid state fermentation was calculated 1.76 and the ratio of laccase activity was 22.62 U ml-1, whereas those of submerged fermentation was 2.42 and the activity was 29.08 U ml-1. In particular, induced liquid culture ob- tained submerged fermentation is seen maximum benefit of production facilities and the minimum cost. This situation indicates laccase production with this type fermentation for a company is more attractive. 

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