Volume 39 - Issue 3 - 253 - 256

Examining Leaf and Soil Micro Element Contents of Organic Cherry Orchards around Kemalpaşa (İzmir)

Kemalpaşa (İzmir) Yöresi Organik Kiraz Bahçelerinde Yaprak ve Toprak Mikro Element İçeriğinin İncelenmesi

In this study, the micro element content of leaf and soil samples of organic and integrated gardens where Salihli and Sapıkısa types of Kemalpaşa region were investigated. Soil analysis of organic gardens, iron (Fe) content is determined medium and sufficient in most part the gardens and generally sufficient in integrated gardens; zinc (Zn) element is low in organic gardens, high in integrated gardens. Copper (Cu) and manganese (Mn) is found in high amounts in all gardens. In both production methods, it has been found that Zn which is a leaf food element is found much lower than the value it should have, Cu sufficient, Fe and Mn in lower amount. Relations between the findings have been examined, the data of them have been evaluated. 

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