Volume 39 - Issue 1 - 71 - 82

Systematic Studies on The Male Genital Organs of Central Anatolian Elateridae (Coleoptera) Species Part I: The Subfamilies Elaterinae and Melanotinae

İç Anadolu Bölgesi Elateridae (Coleoptera) Türlerinin Erkek Üreme Organları Üzerinde Sistematik Çalışmalar, Kısım 1: Elaterinae ve Melanotinae Altfamilyaları

Taxonomical studies on the family Elateridae were mainly condensed on morphological characters. In palearctic region, most comprehensive studies were done in France, Armenia, Italy, Czech and Slovak Republics, Poland. These studies, which cover male genital organ structures, are systematical researches. In this study, male genital organs of Central Anatolian species of the subfamilies Elaterinae and Melanotinae were examined. Morphology of male genital organs were drawn in detail and described. Male genital organ structures of Adrastus circassicus and Melanotus (s.str.) bajulus were examined in detail for the first time. According to male genital organ morphologies, systematical status of examined species are discussed. 

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