Volume 38 - Issue 2 - 125 - 129

Determination of Macronutrients of Organic Cherry Kemalpaşa İzmir Region

This study is about examining the macro element ingredients of soil and leaf samples in the entegrated garden where Salihli and Sapıkısa types in Kemalpaşa Region are grown. At the soil analysis of organic gardens, nitrogen (N) and magnesium (Mg) were found in medium, phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) in low, calcium (Ca) in high quantities. It has been discovered in gardens where entegrated production is made that K, Ca, and Mg had the same properties with the gardens where organic production is made but, N and P had high values. In both production methods, it has been found out that N which is a leaf food element had values much lower than the value it should have had, P and Mg had sufficient values, K and Ca had lower values. The relations between the results were examined and the total nutrition and nutrition balance data between N, P, K and K, Ca, Mg in leaf samples were evaluated. 

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