Volume 38 - Issue 2 - 95 - 105

Acetylation of Some Cyclic Enamines With Substituted Acetyl Chlorides

Acylation reaction of a variety of cyclic ketones via acylation of the corresponding enamines is well-defined in the literature. Enamine acylation of carbonyl compounds is a significant synthetic method because of its mildness and the ease of preparing various β- diketones.The pyrrolidine and morpholine enamines of cyclic ketones such as cyclohexanone and cyclopentanone were successfully reacted with phenylacetyl chloride and chloroacetyl chloride respectively, to yield various acetylated or diacetylated enamines. No trace of acetylated pyrrolidine was observed where acylated morpholine was isolated in good yields when morpholine enamines were reacted. 

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