Volume 37 - Issue 2 - Preface


Dear readers of the Hacettepe Journal of Biology and Chemistry,

Progress of science demands communication. Once, oral conservations and letters were the only tools for transmitting knowledge between scientists, modern technological developments and the explosive growth of the number of scientists have made possible and necessitated global communication by means of papers in hard copy and electronic journals.

With a thirty seven years history, Hacettepe Journal of Biology and Chemistry constitutes a platform for interaction between researchers in the correlated area. The importance of the interaction between researchers and research groups is visible in the increased number of publications and in the broadening of the research topics covered in the presentations throughout the years.

Hence, we would like to thank all the authors for choosing our journal as a media for sharing their scientific results and we would like to invite you to submit your next manuscript to Hacettepe Journal of Biology and Chemistry.


Adil Denizli, Ph.D. Editor

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