Volume 37 - Issue 1 - 33 - 39

Determination of Homogenization Performance of Grinder Used for Aflatoxin Analyses of Turkish Hazelnuts

This research was conducted to determine the homogeneity performance of laboratory grinder used for aflatoxin (Aflatoxin 81: AF81; Aflatoxin 82: AF82; Aflatoxin G1: AFG1; Aflatoxin G2: AFG2) analysis of hazelnut, one of the strategic products from the 8lack Sea Region. For the research,  naturally aflatoxins-contaminated hazelnut samples in their unshelled state (A) and non-contaminated  unshelled hazelnut samples (8) were used. Hazelnut samples in which aflatoxin (AFs) couldn t be detected by the analytical procedure were treated with standard solutions of 10 IJg ml-1 AF81, 5 IJg ml-1  AF82, 10 IJg ml-1 AFG1, 5 IJg ml-1 AFG2 at the levels of  2 ml, 0.6 ml, 4 ml and 1 ml, respectively. Then, hazelnut samples treated with AFs were grounded in laboratory grinders after 30 min of resting. The Cochran test procedure was applied to duplicate results to determine sufficient homogeneity of grinder. Variations among samples in both hazelnut groups were smaller than critical value of the statistical procedure of the Cochran test.

From the data obtained, it is concluded that laboratory grinder fulfills the sufficient homogeneity of both hazelnut samples of AFs detection.

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