Volume 36 - Issue 4 - Preface of Erhan Pişkin

Preface of Erhan Pişkin

As an engineer, I feel that “life” itself is quite simple, born-live-die, details may be complex/sophisticated. We start from somewhere that we cannot select, but continue on the pathways until the residence time is completed. In most cases pathways are difficult, sometimes we may run but usually walk rather slowly, we may become tired or even fall down, then we get a break, regenerate ourselves and/but continue, until the time is over. We should try to make our tracking enjoyable, whatever the conditions are. Creating new ideas related to our own interests whatever they are (bio-, nano-, etc.), finding new pathways, exploring them and reaching the top of the hills are/would be the most enjoyable parts of our tracking as scientists-engineers.

Erhan Pişkin Pisa, December 2008

P.S.: Dear Adil, the meetings that you have organized together with my real friends/family for my 60th birthday and seeing this special issue were among the most enjoyable moments of my tracking. Thanks a lot

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