Volume 36 - Issue 3 - Preface



Dear readers of the Hacettepe Journal of Biology and Chemistry,

Science and technology policy is usually considered as all the forethoughts and organizations that ensure the improvement of science and research activities of the nation, related with its economic, social and political situation and requirements.

As known, the rapid developments in the world is forcing the countries to find specific and original ways for new research areas and proper planning for the use of their financial sources. These plans can only make realized with the presence of real and efficient science policies that consider the nations situation, industry, natural sources, economy and human resources.

The nation’s budget share for the researches is undoubtedly dependent on its financial facilities. But, it has to be accepted that this budget will return exceedingly in a medium term, because it will increase the industrial productivity. So, while the government determines the research share from the budget, it has to set up a critical balance between the current governance of the nation with the preparation of the country for the future. The aim of the researches is also very important. In addition to the economic, social and cultural planning, with the scientific and technological planning, it will become possible to use time and sources efficiently to reach the national aim of development. Usually scientific policy aims and economical aims are mutual, and in most cases economical aims are the function of the known technological facilities. However, planning and orientation of the researches will become possible with the improvement of current technologies and the production of new ones. In this way, in the long term the new opportunities will arise in economic and social areas. The presence of scientific policy is also important for the long term training and education program of the nations. By that way, there will be qualified and required number of people to meet the country’s increasing needs to educate successful and talented people for R&D and high-technology production.

Adil Denizli, Ph.D.


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